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    Tractor-trailer trucks are one of the biggest vehicles being driven on public roads, so when these get involved in accidents, it's definitely not pretty. A collision involving an 18-wheeler truck is often serious and costly, resulting in severe injuries and property damage.

    This is why if you're driving one, you have to get long haul trucking insurance to protect you from the potential costs in case such accidents happen.

    This is a unique form of commercial insurance trucking that's tailor-made for drivers and businesses that operate long-distance trucking services. The policies for this offer high limit coverage, given the thousands of miles that these drivers cover yearly.

    Why Getting Long Haul Trucking Insurance Can Be Tricky

    The thing is, finding long haul truck insurance can be difficult. They also need the basics such as cargo insurance, primary liability, general liability, and physical damage coverage to ensure their rights reserved. The amount of time spent by these trucks on the road spells the big difference, especially to the trucking business owner.

    Since they will be on the road for long stretches of time and their operation schedules are beyond the typical nine-to-five range, they need trucker insurance coverage when they are driving in the middle of the night, even on weekends, and far away from their business premise.

    This is the primary reason why not all insurance companies are eager to provide insurance to long haul truckers and trucking operations. It's just too risky — the longer a driver rides, the more he is more vulnerable to accidents and causing property damages.

    Some insurance provides do it halfway, giving coverage to up to a certain distance only. Not all companies are willing to insure trucks beyond the 500-mile radius.

    What Are the Eligible Classes for This Insurance?

    This concentrates more on interstate businesses that usually go beyond the 300-mile radius. These include trucking operations like dry vans, flatbed haulers, haulers of refrigerated goods, haulers of agricultural goods, hazardous commodities, and non-hazardous liquid commodities.

    What Coverages Are Included in Long Haul Trucking Insurance?

    This policy usually offers a mix of common protections that you can find in a lot of commercial truck coverages, plus specific ones that are especially suited for driving 18-wheeler trucks. Some of these common protections include the following:

    • General Liability Coverage
    • Auto Liability Coverage
    • Physical Damage Coverage
    • Medical Payments Coverage
    • Freight Coverage
    • Non-trucking Coverage

    Protections such as Non-owned Trailer Coverage, Bobtail Liability Coverage, Non-trucking Coverage, and Equipment Coverage are more specific to long-haul truck drivers and business owners.

    How Much Will Long Haul Trucking Insurance Cost?

    The premiums of long haul trucking policies will depend on several factors:

    • How old is the vehicle?
    • How many trucks are owned by the company?
    • How are the records of all the drivers?
    • Are those vehicles owned by the company?
    • How many miles have these drivers traveled annually?
    • What is the type of cargo transported by the company?
    • What is the coverage and limit chosen by the company?

    What Are the Benefits of Having a Long Haul Truck Insurance Policy?

    This policy gives you access to a comprehensive set of benefits that you can't do without as a long-distance truck driver — also ensuring that your rights reserved.

    • Storage and towing - You don't have to personally shell out for the cost of storage and towing.
    • Single deductible - Only the highest deductible will apply when a tractor, trailer, and cargo are covered by the same policy and goes through loss results from the same damage.
    • Diminishing deductible -This depends on the policy that you have but usually, your original deductible will be lessened by around 20 percent until it gets to $0.
    • Personal effects - This provides protection for your belongings inside your truck.
    • Emergency expense coverage - This pays for emergency costs like rentals for replacement trucks, trailers, and tractors after a loss.

    Other Elements to Consider

    These two additional elements are sometimes forgotten by companies when choosing the best policy for long haul trucking. Here are additional considerations to keep in mind:

    • Check for the Insurance Company's Ratings

    Insurance coverage is not just for your peace of mind especially if you are an independent trucker instead of working for one company. Getting a trucking liability policy means peace of mind for your client and contracted employer as well.

    This makes it very important to get your coverage from a company that has stellar ratings — and that rating has to come from an independent source. Check for ratings and reviews on financial stability and reliability of coverage. This ensures that you get your claims in an efficient or timely manner.

    • Customizable Coverage

    Standard regulations can change according to state, the nature of your cargo, and sometimes even the entity that you're transporting the goods for. Given this fact, it's important to get your insurance from a company that has these changes in mind and will allow you to customize your coverage according to these factors.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is long haul trucking insurance?
    Long haul trucking insurance is a unique form of commercial insurance tailored for drivers and businesses operating long-distance trucking services. It offers high limit coverage due to the extensive distances covered by these drivers yearly.

    Why can getting long haul trucking insurance be tricky?
    Securing long haul trucking insurance can be difficult due to the heightened risk associated with extensive driving times and distances, causing some insurers to limit coverage to certain distances or avoid this type of insurance altogether.

    What classes of business are eligible for long haul trucking insurance?
    Long haul trucking insurance is primarily for interstate businesses that operate beyond a 300-mile radius. These include dry vans, flatbed haulers, and haulers of refrigerated goods, agricultural goods, hazardous commodities, and non-hazardous liquid commodities.

    What coverages are included in long haul trucking insurance?
    Long haul trucking insurance includes general and auto liability, physical damage, medical payments, freight, and non-trucking coverage. It may also include specific protections such as non-owned trailer coverage, bobtail liability coverage, and equipment coverage.

    What benefits does a long haul truck insurance policy provide?
    A long haul truck insurance policy provides benefits like coverage for storage and towing costs, a single deductible for combined damages, a diminishing deductible, protection for personal effects inside the truck, and emergency expense coverage.

    What to Look for In An Insurance Company?

    If you're a long haul trucker, finding an insurance company that has quick and efficient claims service is an absolute must. Being on the road at long and odd hours, even on weekends and holidays, can make access to claims service difficult.

    Make sure to sign up with an insurance company that can provide claims service in case you get into an accident at 1 am and beyond 300 miles from your business premises.

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