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    For over 20 years, SoCal Truck Insurance has been on the front lines protecting people, their trucking businesses, their clients’ cargo, and more. We offer quality commercial truck insurance premiums that helps your trucking business operate in confidence. 

    We also have a vast network and extraordinary relationships with contractors, mechanics, body shops, hotels, tow trucks, automotive dealers, and more. When you work with SoCal Truck Insurance, you get the best commercial trucking insurance at the best rates in town. 

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    We provide commercial truck insurance in the following states:

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    We Got Your Trucking Business Covered With Our Commercial Truck Insurance Services

    At SoCal Truck Insurance, we cover more of the commercial vehicles in the trucking industry you rely on to get the job done. Here are just some of the commercial auto we insure:

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    Tow Trucks

    Known as wreckers or recovery vehicles, tow trucks are used to move other vehicles, whether they are disabled, mis-parked, impounded, or simply broken down. There are various types of town trucks, often defined by the mechanism used to move other vehicles. 

    Box Trucks

    Also known as a cube truck; a box truck is a truck with a box or cube-shaped cargo area. They often come with a garage-like door in the rear. You most often see these in use by moving companies or other organizations that transport goods, appliances, or furniture.

    Dump Trucks

    These are well-known trucks. While most people think of them as garbage trucks, dump trucks are a common sight around job sites. Garage trucks are actually different but serve a similar purpose. They’re not only for hauling trash; dump trucks are used to move dirt, rock, soil, debris, and more.


    Vans comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a plethora of uses. From carrying materials, tools, or other gear to hauling passengers around, vans provide a great deal of flexibility.

    Roll Off Truck

    Roll off trucks are often associated with garbage trucks. They are often identified by what looks like a large dumpster that is used by construction teams, demolition crews, and cleanout workers. The rectangular dumpster makes it ideal for hauling large amounts of waste.


    A bobtail truck is a tractor without a trailer attached to it. If a driver is bobtailing, they are driving a cargo-carrying truck without a trailer. This happens when a driver is in between jobs or starting/ending a shift before/after the first/last load.

    Tank Truck

    When a truck is used to carry liquid or gas loads, it’s called a tank or tanker truck. Due to the wide variety of liquids and gases that can be transported, tank trucks tend to be larger than other trucks. Their tanks can be insulated or not, pressurized or not, and meant for multiple loads or single loads.

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    Customized Business Insurance Coverage Made Just For You

    You have a unique business, so no generic, cookie-cutter commercial auto insurance plan will work for you. At SoCal Truck Insurance, we work with you to create a customized and cheap trucking insurance plan that is just right for you.


    Call today to discuss the best insurance options for your business.


    commercial truck insurance coverage

    Here are just some of the best commercial truck insurance for truckers and business owners that we offer. Drivers get benefits:

    Insurances For Truckers

    Semi-Truck Insurance

    In most states, the lingo for a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, and semi-truck generally mean the same thing. In reality, a semi-truck refers to the actual tractor that contains the engine. Typically, semi truck insurance is intended to cover the truck plus its trailer, depending on the specifics of your insurance coverage.

    The details of your cheap trucking insurance coverage, beyond the necessary general liability coverage, will depend on your policy.

    Big Rig Insurance

    As another name for an 18-wheeler or semi-truck, Big Rig Insurance is meant to cover your tractor and trailer. The specifics of your auto insurance coverage will depend on your policy.

    Bobtail Insurance

    Even if you are on your way to starting a job, your general commercial truck insurance plans don't cover you if you're not hauling a trailer. Bobtail insurance covers times when you are driving your tractor without a load.

    High-Risk Truck Insurance

    Some circumstances place truckers in a higher risk category than other drivers. Drivers who have a higher risk of filing an insurance claim fall under this category.

    This reasoning could be due to the trucker's experience, driving record, and CSA (Compliance, Safety, & Accountability) score. Cargo insurance companies also look at the type of cargo that is being transported.

    Motor Carrier Insurance

    If you own your truck and work on a “for-hire” basis, you may need Motor Carrier Insurance. Truckers who are employed by a company or are on a permanent contract may get liability insurance from the companies they serve. Working for hire means you are responsible for your own liability coverage.

    Owner Operator Insurance

    Dispatching companies might provide primary liability insurance while you're working for them under a permanent lease. Otherwise, drivers who own their trucks and work "for higher" need additional insurance policies. Read more about owner operator insurance.

    Tractor Trailer Insurance

    The commercial tractor-trailer insurance is another name for Big Rig or 18 Wheelers insurance. The specifics of your coverage beyond general liability depend on your policy.

    Read our blog post: Ways to Lessen Your Truck Insurance Premium 

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    SoCal Truck Insurance Understand Your Business

    When you’re shopping around for the cheapest commercial truck insurance, you want more than an attractive price. You need a commercial trucking insurance company that knows your business.

    We’re here to help respond to your claim quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the road right away.


    Here are some benefits you get from commercial truck insurance:

    • Provides Total Coverage

    • Helps Minimize Financial Loss

    • Promotes Business Continuity

    • Protects Business Image
    • Protects Your Business
    • Get Higher Limits
    • Protect Employee Drivers

    To learn more, contact our team with expertise in the trucking industry to get a truck insurance quote for free!


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    Commercial Truck Insurance FAQs

    Do Owner-Operators Have Their Own Insurance?

    The short answer is yes, although the sorts of insurance necessary vary depending on the authority.

    Owner-Operators on a Permanent Lease with a Motor Carrier

    The trucking company's car liability insurance protects them. It covers third-party property damage and injuries resulting from a motor carrier-caused accident.

    Leasing owner-operators can also obtain extra coverage to supplement their existing policy.

    The following are some of the types of insurance that are recommended:

    • Non-Trucking Liability
    • Occupational Accident
    • Physical Damage Insurance
    • Trailer Interchange Coverage

    Owner-Operators with Trucking Authority

    Auto liability insurance is required for truckers who operate on their own authority. The necessary maximum is $750,000, although it can increase to $1 million. They should also think about getting general liability, property damage, and cargo insurance.

    What insurance do I need to keep my trucking business protected?

    Heavy automotive and transportation industries are covered by commercial trucking insurance.

    A business may require basic and additional trucking insurance coverage depending on the kind and number of trucks, the type of route frequently traveled, and the sort of product transported.

    Basic Coverage

    General Liability Insurance

    Most states mandate this insurance, which is often known as public liability insurance.

    It excludes traffic accidents and covers property damage and physical injuries coming from day-to-day operational activities.

    Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    The states also require worker's compensation. In the event of a work-related injury, it compensates employees' medical expenditures and missed earnings. It can be employed if a worker is hurt or sick while loading freight or if he or she is exposed to a dangerous substance.

    Trucking Liability Insurance 

    Physical injuries and property damage caused by truck driving or operation are covered by trucking liability insurance. Each state mandates a certain level of coverage for trucking companies, such as

    • Those transporting non-hazardous material with a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or more are required by federal law to carry a minimum of $750,000 in truck liability insurance coverage.
    • A commercial truck transporting hazardous material, excluding explosives, with a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or over is obliged to carry $1,000,000.00 in liability insurance.
    • Trucking liability coverage of $5,000,000 is required for those transporting explosives with a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or more.
    • Trucks carrying non-hazardous cargo with a gross weight of less than 10,000 pounds should be insured for $300,000.
    • A truck transporting hazardous material with a gross weight of less than 10,000 pounds must be insured for $5,000,000.

    Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

    This kind of trucking insurance protects the contents of a truck in the event that they are damaged, lost, or delivered incorrectly.

    Physical Damage Insurance

    Accidents, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism are all covered, as are damages and repairs to the truck. There are two types of it:

    • Comprehensive coverage - this insures damages caused by theft and fire.
    • Collision coverage - this insures damages from accidents.

    Added Coverage

    Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

    Trucking liability insurance is complemented by non-trucking liability insurance. It covers bodily injuries and damages to others, such as medical expenses, replacements, and repairs, that occur when a truck is being used for non-business purposes.

    Drivers who lease trucks from a motor carrier are covered by this sort of trucking insurance.

    Bobtail Insurance

    This is a sort of liability insurance that protects the driver and the vehicle when they are on the job but not moving freight, such as when they are out of the fetching and delivering shipment window. This sort of insurance is required by several motor carriers for leased drivers.

    Why is My Truck Insurance Expensive?

    The cost of trucking insurance is usually quite high. The following are the most common factors that influence their rates:

    Trucks Are Expensive

    When a truck is involved in an accident and needs to be replaced, insurance companies are frequently required to pay more than they would if the vehicle was a car. Accidents are just one of the numerous reasons why insurance is more expensive.

    They Are Accident Prone

    Trucks can be damaged when driving in low-clearance regions, and because they are more difficult to maneuver, they are more likely to collide with something than a regular passenger car.

    Truck Accidents May Lead to Severe Injuries

    Trucks can be damaged when driving in low-clearance regions, and because they are more difficult to maneuver, they are more likely to collide with something than a regular passenger car.

    Trucks May Cause Serious Property Damage

    Due to its massive size and weight, a normal pickup truck can do a lot of damage in an accident.

    In the event of an unfortunate incident, the damage could result in significant property damage claims.

    Trucks May Get Damaged While Driving on a Rough Terrain

    Trucks frequently travel off-road. This may result in damage to them, which your commercial insurance company will have to compensate at some point.

    How Can I Lower My Commercial Truck Insurance?

    Because experienced truck drivers are better at dealing with severe working conditions, insurance companies perceive them to be less hazardous than inexperienced drivers.

    As a result, they are more likely to provide reduced premiums.

    The same is true for truck drivers who have a clean driving record or have only two minor moving tickets in the last three years.

    Know Your Trucking Routes

    Trucking insurance prices are affected by the routes that trucks use. Roads that are not in close proximity to densely populated areas, are not frequently subjected to natural disasters or do not have rough surfaces require less insurance coverage.

    Drive New Truck Models

    A truck's insurance premium is influenced by its price, condition, and age. Older models necessitate more maintenance and/or repair, as well as higher insurance coverage. Use trucks that are no more than ten years old.

    Adjust Your Terms of Payment or Insurance Policy

    You can choose a greater deductible to receive a reduced premium, but you'll have to pay more upfront if you have an accident.

    Before you do anything else, check your insurance policy. Not all coverages are created equal, and a deductible adjustment can result in you paying more in the long run.

    Drive with confidence, knowing that you’re in the excellent hands of SoCal Truck Insurance.