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For over 20 years, SoCal Truck Insurance has been on the front lines protecting people, their trucking businesses, their clients’ cargo, and more. We offer cheap commercial truck insurance that helps your trucking business operate in confidence. 

We also have a vast network and extraordinary relationships with contractors, mechanics, body shops, hotels, tow trucks, automotive dealers, and more. When you work with SoCal Truck Insurance, you get the best commercial trucking insurance at the best rates in town. 

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We’ve Got Your Vehicle Covered.


At SoCal Truck Insurance, we cover more of the commercial vehicles you rely on to get the job done. Here are just some of the vehicles we insure:

Tow Trucks

Known as wreckers or recovery vehicles, tow trucks are used to move other vehicles, whether they are disabled, mis-parked, impounded, or simply broken down. There are various types of town trucks, often defined by the mechanism used to move other vehicles. 

Box Trucks

Also known as a cube truck; a box truck is a truck with a box or cube-shaped cargo area. They often come with a garage-like door in the rear. You most often see these in use by moving companies or other organizations that transport goods, appliances, or furniture.

Dump Trucks

These are well-known trucks. While most people think of them as garbage trucks, dump trucks are a common sight around job sites. Garage trucks are actually different but serve a similar purpose. They’re not only for hauling trash; dump trucks are used to move dirt, rock, soil, debris, and more.


Vans comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a plethora of uses. From carrying materials, tools, or other gear to hauling passengers around, vans provide a great deal of flexibility.

Roll Off Truck

Roll off trucks are often associated with garbage trucks. They are often identified by what looks like a large dumpster that is used by construction teams, demolition crews, and cleanout workers. The rectangular dumpster makes it ideal for hauling large amounts of waste.


A bobtail truck is a tractor without a trailer attached to it. If a driver is bobtailing, they are driving a cargo-carrying truck without a trailer. This happens when a driver is in between jobs or starting/ending a shift before/after the first/last load.

Tank Truck

When a truck is used to carry liquid or gas loads, it’s called a tank or tanker truck. Due to the wide variety of liquids and gases that can be transported, tank trucks tend to be larger than other trucks. Their tanks can be insulated or not, pressurized or not, and meant for multiple loads or single loads.

Customized Commercial Trucking Insurance Made Just For You


You have a unique business, so no generic, cookie-cutter insurance plan will work for you. At SoCal Truck Insurance, we work with you to create a customized and cheap truckers’ insurance plan that is just right for you. Call today to discuss the best options for your business and to get a free, personalized quote.

Here are just some of the types of commercial insurance for truckers that we offer:

Semi Truck Insurance: In most states, the lingo for a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, and semi-truck generally mean the same thing. In reality, a semi-truck refers to the actual tractor that contains the engine. Typically, semi-truck insurance is intended to cover the truck plus its trailer, depending on the specifics of your coverage. The details of your coverage beyond general liability depend on your policy.

18 Wheeler Insurance: The term “18-wheeler” is popular in several southern states, but is essentially the combination of a tractor and trailer. The term comes from the total number of wheels present. The specifics of your coverage beyond general liability depend on your policy.

Big Rig Insurance: As another name for an 18-wheeler or semi-truck, Big Rig Insurance is meant to cover your tractor and trailer. The specifics of your coverage beyond general liability depend on your policy.

Bobtail Insurance: Even if you are on your way to start a job, your general commercial trucking insurance doesn’t cover you if you’re not hauling a trailer. Bobtail insurance covers times when you are driving your tractor without a load.

High-Risk Truck Insurance: Some circumstances place truckers in a higher risk category than other drivers. Drivers who have a higher risk of filing an insurance claim fall under this category. This reasoning could be due to the trucker’s experience, driving record, and CSA (Compliance, Safety, & Accountability) score. Insurance companies also look at the type of cargo that is being transported.

Motor Carrier Insurance: If you own your truck and work on a “for-hire” basis, you may need Motor Carrier Insurance. Truckers who are employed by a company or are on a permanent contract may get liability insurance from the companies they serve. Working for hire means you are responsible for your own liability coverage.

Owner Operator Insurance: Dispatching companies might provide primary liability insurance while you’re working for them under a permanent lease. Otherwise, drivers who own their trucks and work “for higher” need additional insurance policies.

Tractor Trailer Insurance: This insurance is another name for Big Rig or 18 Wheelers insurance. The specifics of your coverage beyond general liability depend on your policy.

SoCal Truck Insurance Knows Your Business

When you’re shopping around for cheap commercial truck insurance, you want more than an attractive price. You need a commercial trucking insurance company that knows your business. We’re here to help respond to your claim quickly and efficiently so you can get back on the road right away. You can drive with confidence, knowing that you’re in the excellent hands of SoCal Truck Insurance. 

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