If you are driving a tractor trailer and will be hauling it often, you need to have cargo insurance. Not only does cargo insurance protect the materials you haul, but it also protects the actual trailer. If your trailer or cargo is stolen, broken, or lost in an accident, the cargo insurance will cover the loss so you are not put out.

What is a Motor Truck Cargo Insurance?

When trucks haul products, those products belong to someone else and the owners or manufacturers definitely want their products to get to the intended location without problems. Motor truck cargo insurance is a type of insurance that covers the motor truck cargo in a tractor trailer. 

If the cargo gets lost, damaged, or destroyed, the insurance will reimburse the manufacturer or buyer for the products. Motor truck cargo insurance coverage is mandatory for anyone hauling cargo in a tractor trailer. 

What Types of Insurance Covers Cargo?

Motor truck cargo insurance covers various types of cargo. In most cases, the type of cargo being hauled plays a huge role in the type of cargo insurance coverage that is needed. While cargo insurance may have various names, it all covers the motor truck cargo.

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What is the Difference Between Cargo and Freight Insurance?

Freight insurance and cargo insurance are the same. They have different names, but they are both covered by the same type of insurance. 

Cargo often refers to small materials, boxes, and packages that are added to the inside of a tractor trailer. 

Freight is often larger, heavier packages that may be carried inside a trailer or on the back of a semi where they are exposed. But both are still considered cargo and are covered by cargo insurance.

What does a Motor Truck Cargo Policy Cover?       

Cargo insurance covers all risks of loss or damage to any products or material being hauled or transported by a tractor trailer. Tractor trailers are required to offer some type of cargo insurance policies, and some manufacturers may insist on other policies that cover the full cost of their products.

Does Cargo Insurance Cover the Trailer?

Yes, while your regular tractor trailer insurance does not cover your trailer if it is lost or stolen, cargo insurance will cover it. Many drivers make the mistake of thinking that the trailer is considered as part of their truck and should be covered by their regular tractor trailer insurance. You should always carry cargo insurance, even if your trailer is empty. This will ensure it is safe at all times and can help reduce your risk of experiencing a total loss.
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