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    Many truck drivers worry about accidents, and insurance can give you some peace of mind to make your time on the road a little easier. There are several different types of insurance that trucks need. If you drive your truck without your trailer or bobtail often for your job, you may also need bobtail insurance. This is where SoCal Truck Insurance can help, providing comprehensive bobtail insurance options.

    Bobtail insurance will keep you covered at all times, even as you travel between jobs. This type of commercial truck insurance is often overlooked, but it can benefit plenty of owner-operators.

    We offer accurate bobtail insurance quotes for trucking companies so you can get an accurate idea of how much it will cost. Every truck owner should stay informed on different types of truck insurance so they can get the best coverage possible.

    Here are some common questions about bobtail insurance that can help you decide if it's the right option for you. 

    How Does Bobtail Insurance Protect Your Trucking Business?

    Every trucking company should consider the benefits of bobtail liability insurance.

    While non-trucking liability insurance is standard for most owner-operator businesses, bobtail insurance is less common. Non-trucking liability insurance provides coverage for the personal use of a vehicle, which is defined as any time the driver isn't on the clock.

    Bobtail insurance, on the other hand, is insurance designed for any moment drivers are operating without a trailer attached.

    A common scenario is as follows: After you drop off cargo, you'll typically need to travel a long distance to pick up cargo for your next job. If you get into an accident during this time, bobtail insurance ensures you're covered.

    What is the Difference between Bobtail and Non-Trucking Insurance?

    While bobtail truck insurance and non-trucking insurance may seem similar, they are actually very different. 

    Bobtail insurance covers the truck when it's not being used to deliver products, but is on its way to a different location without a trailer attached. 

    Non-trucking insurance is insurance that covers the truck when it is not being used for work. It does not cover the truck when it is being driven for work purposes. It is designed more for truckers who use their trucks for personal reasons.

    How Does Bobtail Insurance Work?

    Some truckers drive their trucks without a trailer when they are on their way to pick up a new load to haul, or if they just need to get the truck somewhere for service or another reason. When there is not a trailer on the truck, bobtail insurance is needed to protect the truck when it is not being used to deliver products. 

    Truckers usually drop off a trailer and then drive to a destination to pick up a new one. This practice is what is called bobtailing and this is when bobtail insurance coverage kicks in and can protect the trucker if they are in an accident while the trailer is not attached to the cab.

    What Does Bobtail Insurance Cover?

    Bobtail insurance is specifically designed to cover those moments when you're out on the road without a trailer attached to your truck. Bobtail coverage is a form of liability coverage that will pay for any damages done by your trailer-less truck.

    This form of liability insurance includes:

    • Physical damage insurance
    • Bodily injury
    • Personal trips
    • Trips under dispatch
    • Trips to and from the terminal
    • Trips taken between loads

    It's important to note that bobtail insurance covers semi-trucks anytime there isn't a trailer attached, regardless of whether or not you're driving for business purposes.

    How Much Does Bobtail Insurance Cost?

    Just like any other type of insurance, the actual cost depends on many different factors. The cost can also vary between different companies, which is why it's important to get insurance quotes and compare prices.

    Different liability policies may also have different prices. Additional coverage may cost more because it will pay for larger claims. However, experts estimate that the average price ranges between $30 and $40 a month.

    Insurance companies will look at your driving history to determine how reliable you are and how risky it is to provide coverage for you. They'll also look at other traits, like your age.

    Some of those factors include:

    • Driver's accident history
    • Driver's credit
    • Company accident history
    • Type of truck
    • Type of business

    The bottom line is that if the company thinks it's more likely they'll have to cover damage based on a collision caused by you, they may charge higher premiums.

    If you want an accurate estimate of a bobtail policy cost as it applies to your specific case, be sure to get a free quote from us!

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    What Does Bobtail Insurance Policy Cover?

    Bobtail insurance coverage works much like other types of trucking and traditional vehicle insurance policies in that it will cover property damage and bodily harm. 

    The difference with bobtail truck insurance is that it must meet strict coverage requirements for the state where the truck is registered. At its core, it covers property damage and bodily injuries to both the trucker and any other party that may be involved in the accident.

    Do I Really Need Bobtail Truck Insurance Coverage?

    If you are a trucker and your career requires you to do a lot of bobtailing, you may want to make sure you have bobtail insurance. Having traditional trucking insurance or even non-trucking insurance on your truck is not enough. You want to make sure you are protected in the event that you are ever in an accident while driving your truck without the trailer. 

    Drivers who have a lease agreement with a motor carrier need bobtail insurance. Most carriers require non-trucking liability insurance, but not all of them require a bobtail.

    If you often drive long distances between jobs, bobtail insurance can fill in the gaps of your non-trucking liability coverage and other policies. The best bobtail insurance coverage will be high enough to cover the costs of any accidents you happen to get into.

    Don't hesitate to ask if you're still on the fence—SoCal Truck Insurance can help you with all your bobtail insurance needs and queries. Give us a call to get a quote for your insurance and learn more about our insurance policies.

    Things You Need to Know About Bobtail Insurance

    Bobtail insurance is ideal for any owner-operator who wants to stay covered at all times. When you select an insurance policy, it's important to consider how it will benefit your company. You'll need a policy that provides high enough coverage for accidents.

    Unlike non-trucking liability insurance, bobtail policies apply whether or not you are out on dispatch. The determining factor is whether or not you have a trailer attached. That means protection on your way to work, on your way home, and even between jobs as you drive to pick up more cargo.

    Bobtail insurance isn't required by all lease agreements, but some do. It's a good idea to learn more about your particular agreement and assess your driving habits to determine if it's worth the money.

    When you get in touch with our company, you'll find the cheapest bobtail insurance that fits your needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a bobtail insurance quote and how can I get one from SoCal Truck Insurance?

    A bobtail insurance quote gives you an estimate of the cost for bobtail insurance coverage. You can obtain a quote from SoCal Truck Insurance by visiting our webpage and filling out a simple form with some basic information. Our dedicated team will then provide you with a personalized quote based on your specific needs and activities involving your semi-truck.

    Does SoCal Truck Insurance offer cheap bobtail insurance without compromising on coverage?

    Yes, at SoCal Truck Insurance, we are committed to providing our customers with affordable and comprehensive bobtail insurance. We achieve this balance by understanding your individual needs and working out the best possible coverage within your budget. It's part of our mission to ensure every person gets the right coverage at the right price.

    How does SoCal Truck Insurance rank among the best bobtail insurance companies?

    SoCal Truck Insurance is a trusted name in the truck insurance industry. Our reputation as one of the best bobtail insurance companies comes from our commitment to customer service, competitive pricing, and comprehensive coverage options. We prioritize our customers' needs and are always ready to guide you through the insurance process.

    How much does bobtail insurance cost at SoCal Truck Insurance?

    The cost of bobtail insurance at SoCal Truck Insurance varies based on several factors such as the limits of your liability policy, your driving history, and the type of semi-truck you operate. Our team is always ready to help you understand these factors and guide you towards a policy that suits your budget and needs.