How Dash Cams Help You in Filing for Insurance Claims

How Dash Cams Help You in Filing for Insurance Claims

Dash cams for insurance claims have become more and more common in the automobile industry over the years, as well as seeing an uptick in usage within the commercial trucking industry. Not only do dash cams provide several incentives for truckers, they also provide several benefits regarding insurance for truck drivers.

In today’s world of smart gadgets and technology, additional products like dash cams are becoming more and more popular. Although you may think that having a camera record everything while you are driving seems unnecessary or uncomfortable at first, the benefits of having this video record may surprise some people.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the great benefits that dash cams provide commercial truck drivers and how they can benefit them during the insurance claim process for commercial truck businesses.

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How Does a Dash Cam Help Your Insurance Claim and Premium?

Dash cam is short for “dashboard camera,” which are small video cameras that sit on a vehicle’s dashboard or windshield and are used to capture video footage of all activities on the road in front of them. Other models are also available that feature a forward-facing camera that captures footage of the interior of the vehicle.

Dash cams have a variety of benefits, especially in regard to filing an insurance claim. Let’s take a look at a few of them below.

Dash Cams Prove How the Accident Happened

This is one of the most critical reasons to invest in dash cams for your commercial trucking company. If one of your drivers happens to be in a car crash with your vehicle, footage from dashboard cameras is one of the best ways to provide evidence to show that the accident was not your driver’s fault and could save you loads of money.

Without the video evidence, there’s a potential risk that the other motorist might argue that the crash was your driver’s fault and expect your business to pay for the vehicle repairs, even if they were the victim. As a counterpoint, if your driver is at fault during the accident, the video evidence will be held against you.

Dash Cams Allow You to Report Undisciplined Drivers

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and they often come across many reckless drivers. If they find that a truck driver drives bad enough to put lives at risk, it’s understandable to want to report that motorist.

Reporting an unwarranted driver without a dash camera is difficult due to lack of video proof, as it is unlikely that the impudent driver will receive any sort of punishment. However, with dash cam footage, it’s easy to prove that the driver is behaving recklessly with video evidence of their driving behavior from your dash camera.

Dash Cams Prevent Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is one of the most prevalent types of fraud and occurs when a driver deliberately causes an accident and blames the other party responsible to obtain a payout. The person committing the fraud would be able to get money from the other driver, or their insurance companies, regardless of if the other driver had no proof that they were not at fault.

With a dash cam, drivers are able to fight insurance fraud and defend themselves from someone trying to commit this sort of fraud by being able to show that the accident was not their fault.

Dash Cams are Great for Driver Training

Another great function of dash cams is their ability to provide real-world training for young drivers before they get behind the wheel. Using dash cams allows you to train your drivers more efficiently and improve the overall safety and coaching of your fleet.

With a dash cam, young drivers can see precisely what they can expect to see when they get behind the wheel, and instructors can point out any mistakes that were made or situations that could have been handled differently.

Dash Cams Reward Safe Driving

While dash cams provide a great way to point out mistakes of truck drivers, they also provide an excellent opportunity to reward drivers for when they drive safely and inspire them to drive safer.

When a driver knows that they are being captured on the dash cam while driving, it makes them feel more responsible for upholding the rules and best driving practices. If you’re looking for tangible ways to improve your fleet management processes and overall fleet safety and build driver reward systems, consider including rewards based on dash cam video footage.

How to Deal With Auto Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident, having the support of an effective car insurance company can be of tremendous help. If you have been involved in a car accident, there are a few things you should do.

First, inform your auto insurance agent of the car accident as soon as possible and let them know that you have dash cam footage to support your car accident claim. This aspect will make the claims process much smoother and ensures that your provider has all of the necessary information to resolve the issue.

Secondly, create copies of your dash cam footage to protect against the data being lost or accidentally deleted. Saving several copies of the dash cam footage can prove to be a saving grace.

While car insurance companies have different procedures, make sure you are working with an insurance provider that has your best interests in mind, and will help achieve the best result for your claim. When speaking with your insurance agent, they should be able to help you understand what benefits you may be entitled to.

If you are unsure of how to approach the claims process following car accidents, please be sure to contact your agent for the most reliable advice about what your next steps should be.

A Helping Hand from SoCal Truck Insurance

The commercial truck industry is taking significant steps forward to improve fleet and road safety, and a dash cam continues to be one of the most beneficial ways to do so. Investing in dash cameras for your commercial trucking company not only helps ensure your drivers are driving safely, but they can also be instrumental in the event your business must file an accidents claim.

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