When your livelihood comes from spending countless hours on the road, accidents are going to happen. Whether it's a collision with another 18 wheeler, a natural disaster, or theft in the middle of the night, your truck and your cargo is always at risk. That's why commercial truck ins for your 18 wheeler is a critical part of your business.

Not having 18 wheeler insurance means you are not only fully responsible to pay for any damages or injuries you cause, but you'll also be in violation of the state or federal laws. With so many kinds of liability coverage available for your truck, it can be a bit overwhelming to know what to do.

At SoCal Truck Insurance, we pride ourselves on building customized commercial truck insurance policies to ensure you are fully covered when you need it most. We help you find the exact coverage you need. Give us a call today for your free consultation and complimentary quote.

18 Wheeler Truck Insurance

There are tons of commercial vehicles on the road today. One of the most used options is 18 wheelers. These big rigs have a variety of names. Some call them tractor-trailer while others refer to them as semi-trucks. Regardless of whether you operate a flatbed, box truck, or 18 wheeler, SoCal Truck Insurance has the right coverage for you.

What Kinds of Commercial Truck Insurance Options Are There?

The kinds of insurance commercial truck owners may need will depend on various factors, like what kind of cargo you haul, whether you're an owner-operator or you work for a company, and where you travel. Our friendly and experienced agents are able to walk through your unique situation to help you find everything you need.

Here are some of the most common types of 18 wheeler truck insurance policies:

  • General Liability Insurance: Accidents don't always happen on the road. This kind of liability coverage helps in instances when someone is hurt or there is property damage outside the 18 wheeler. For example, if someone were to slip and fall on the loading dock or there is property damage while being loaded.
  • Primary Auto Liability Insurance: Most states require that every motor carrier has some kind of liability insurance. This kind of coverage is meant to pay for damage that you cause while operating your 18 wheeler.
  • Non-Trucking Liability: There may be times when a driver is in their 18 wheeler for personal use or not on dispatch. A non-trucking liability policy covers you even if you are deadheading (driving with an empty trailer) or bobtailing (driving without a trailer).
  • Motortruck Cargo Coverage: The cargo that you carry belongs to someone else, so it's worth having a policy that helps protect you in case something that happens to your load. Some policies exclude instances of cargo damage when the trailer is unattended.
  • Trailer Interchange Coverage: Some drivers haul a trailer that doesn't belong to them. A trailer interchange insurance protects your trailer.
  • Non-Owned Trailer Liability: If you don't have a trailer interchange policy while hauling someone else's trailer, a non-owned trailer insurance policy is a must.

Here are some other truck insurance commercial policies that can also apply to general trucking businesses

  • Physical Damage Coverage: If you are financing or leasing your 18 wheeler, you may be obligated to carry physical damage insurance. This kind of policy helps protects your truck and trailer from damage caused by an accident, theft, or damage.
  • Bobtail Insurance: Whenever you drive without a trailer, your commercial insurance may not cover you. Bobtail insurance is a perfect solution.
  • Medical Payment: Some accidents result in injuries. These injuries can come with significant medical bills. A Medical payment policy makes sure those expenses don't come out of your pocket.
  • Uninsured Motorist: Sadly, sometimes drivers cause accidents without having enough insurance to cover all the damages. If this happens to you, your uninsured/under insured 18 wheeler insurance policy will make up the difference.
  • Terminal Coverage: If you have goods that need to sit at a terminal for a period of time that is less than 72 hours, terminal insurance protects that cargo.

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How To Get The Best 18 Wheeler Truck Insurance

It's one thing to find commercial auto insurance, but it's another thing to find quality coverage at a great price. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the best insurance for your 18 wheelers.


It doesn't take long to gather the right information to make an informed decision. Get quotes from several companies. Look at reviews or talk to friends/colleagues in the business to learn from their experience.

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When you get quotes from different 18 wheeler insurance companies, make sure to compare similar types of insurance. If you already have an insurance policy, use your current declaration page as a starting off point.

At SoCal Truck Insurance, we're happy to offer free quotes and consultation to ensure that you know all of your options. Even if you're a new CDL driver, you can get superior service and commercial insurance truck drivers can trust with ease.

Prepare Your Information

To make things easier, prepare all the necessary information before obtaining your quotes:

  • Driver's license number
  • Driving history
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

How Much Does 18 Wheeler Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance varies depending on a variety of elements. Commercial auto insurance is based on the risk involved. Some of the most significant things 18 wheeler insurance companies use:

  • Your personal driving record
  • Where your truck is stored
  • The kinds and amounts of insurance you need/want
  • The condition of your vehicle

On average, here are some costs you can expect per year:

  • Primarily Liability: $5,000 to $7,000
  • Physical Damage: $2500
  • Bobtail: $375 to $600
  • Uninsured Motorist: $75
  • Other policies often vary too much to determine an average.

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