The Importance of Semi-Truck Maintenance Schedules

The Importance of Semi-Truck Maintenance Schedules

When you keep your truck well maintained like those fleet management plans, you have a good chance of keeping it in top shape. Even though no one likes to spend money, investing in your business’s equipment and cheap semi-truck insurance is a smart move.

The equipment you own is of utmost importance in the trucking industry. An owner-operator who is without the convenience of a company-owned truck that gets regular maintenance is especially at risk.

Regularly and proactively maintaining your commercial trucks not only ensures compliance with federal regulations, but also extends the lifespan of your vehicles, lessens the chance of costly emergency repairs, and increases uptime for your entire fleet.

Aside from getting cheap semi-truck insurance that is adequate for your needs, semi-truck maintenance is a must for all owner-operators.

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Cleaning, oiling, checking fluid levels, and performing visual inspections are all examples of preventative maintenance. In addition, vehicle preventative maintenance usually includes regular replacement of parts that wear out over time, such as windshield wipers, brake linings, tires, and air filters.

In the trucking industry, preventive maintenance is not only essential, it is mandatory. In accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulations, section 396.3, it says that every motor carrier and intermodal equipment provider must systematically inspect, repair, and maintain, or cause to be systematically inspected, repaired, and maintained, all motor vehicles and intermodal equipment subject to its control.

Maintaining your vehicles on a schedule that is convenient for you and keeps you running legally is your responsibility as a trucking business owner.

Importance of Regular Semi-Truck Maintenance Schedules

A heavy-duty truck’s lifespan is determined by its general maintenance. You must perform routine preventative maintenance on your heavy-duty trucks and fleets on a regular basis.

However, to make sure they continue to run on a regular basis, maintaining your vehicle in this manner will help you reduce the risk of downtime, keep your vehicle on the road, and make money.

In contrast to regular semi-truck maintenance, reactive maintenance can end up being more expensive because it often results in more extensive damage. While, preventative maintenance has many advantages, including:

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An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and preventative maintenance is your former. Maintaining regular maintenance schedules, paired with adequate, yet cheap semi-truck insurance, is an effective way to reduce costs in the long run by avoiding the likelihood of more serious and expensive issues developing.

Whenever possible, it is always better to avoid a breakdown than to have to pay for an on-road service call or repair. To repair and replace parts of heavy-duty trucks requires a great deal of money. It is likely that some parts of these trucks are not readily available in your area.

In addition, the owner of a semi-truck is usually unable to afford to replace the truck when it breaks down. Although you can purchase cheap physical damage insurance for semi-truck, you can reduce the repair cost for semi-trucks by implementing a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan.

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Aside from commercial trucking insurance with a national average monthly cost of $600 to $1000, preventative maintenance also ensures that you can utilize your trucks to the extent of their lifetime.

You want to make sure your truck lasts as long as possible as an owner-operator. Commercial vehicles, like semi-trucks, are capable of lasting for about 750,000 miles on the road, and sometimes even more. Maintaining your truck regularly will ensure it runs for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Regular maintenance can not only help you avoid issues with your truck but can actually improve its performance. Many auto experts recommend regular maintenance to improve mileage. Maintaining your truck by changing its oil, replacing its filters, and aligning its wheels correctly will ensure it runs as efficiently as possible.

Prevent Serious Damage to Your Trucks

Preventative maintenance also reduces the risk of serious damage to semi-trucks. For instance, keeping track of the oil level in your vehicle will let you know when it has reached a milestone, such as 25,000 miles since its last oil change.

Once this milestone has been reached, you should change the oil before it runs out. You run the risk of damaging your vehicle’s engine if you do not change your oil after warning lights come on, which indicates the tank is empty. A repair will then cost thousands more than a simple oil change.

You should also take into account the cost of the downtime your vehicle will experience during engine repair, which is almost certain to be longer than the combined downtime of several preventative, pre-scheduled oil changes.

Makes a Good Impression on Your Clients

The driver and the company lose money when trucks in the fleet have to be in the shop for extended periods of time to have critical parts or systems repaired or replaced. This also takes a toll on your clients’ impression of your company.

It is important to check things like shock absorbers regularly to avoid problems that could lead to unanticipated downtime. These parts play an important role in keeping trucks rolling smoothly.

When a truck is in excellent condition, logistics are not usually affected and downtime is avoided. This guarantees that your clients are impressed and satisfied

Keep ahead of schedule by taking preventative maintenance to your semi-truck so that your clients are likely to be happy with your company’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is regular semi-truck maintenance important for owner-operators?
Regular semi-truck maintenance ensures compliance with federal regulations, extends the lifespan of vehicles, decreases costly emergency repairs, and increases uptime, making it vital for owner-operators.

What are some examples of preventative maintenance for semi-trucks?
Preventative maintenance includes cleaning, oiling, checking fluid levels, performing visual inspections, and regular replacement of parts like windshield wipers, brake linings, tires, and air filters.

How does preventative maintenance help reduce costs in the long run?
Regular maintenance schedules and preventative measures help reduce costs by minimizing the likelihood of serious and expensive issues, making it more cost-effective than reactive maintenance.

How does regular maintenance affect the lifespan of a semi-truck?
Regular maintenance ensures that semi-trucks, which can last up to 750,000 miles or more, operate efficiently and reliably throughout their lifespan.

How does regular semi-truck maintenance impact business relationships with clients?
Regular maintenance helps avoid unanticipated downtime and keeps trucks in excellent condition, making a positive impression on clients and ensuring logistical efficiency.

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