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Safety and Comfort For Women Truck Drivers

Whether you are one of the many women in trucking or are considering getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL), it’s important that you have the right commercial trucking insurance continues to increase.

It’s becoming more common for women to sit behind the wheel of the big rig. In fact, the American Trucking Industry estimates that the number of companies with female truckers has increased by nearly 70%.

As the number of truck driving jobs and trucking company increases, CDL driver or truck drivers — men and women alike are finding ample opportunity to hit the road in the amazing truck industry.

The lifestyle of working on the road and transportation can be stressful, dangerous, and hard work, regardless of whether you’re an owner-operator or you take a job with a transportation company.

Here are some things that both women truck drivers and male drivers should consider when hitting the open road safe and sound.

Commercial Truck Driver Culture is Changing

While men drivers still make up over 90% of the trucking industry, the number of women truck drivers is steadily increasing.

Unlike most men, women were expected to stay away from a man’s job. A woman who showed interest in truck driving jobs was discouraged to do so from the pressures of maintaining life at home.

A female truck driver spending days away from home, driving long hours on the road, and sometimes it takes them days, could be unappealing or simply unsafe.

The old views that women shouldn’t take a job or have a career in the trucking industry are fading. There are countless stories of a female truck driver who does as well if not better than men. Come to think of it, these stories are becoming an inspiration and even a lifestyle.

Additionally, more short-haul routes are available today than what was around in the past. Women who don’t want to spend a long time truck driving or to drive for a day at a time can still find work by joining a fleet or by offering a service as an owner-operator.

Sadly, the change in truck driving transportation culture isn’t changing as fast as some would like. The Women in Trucking Association released survey data that showed that only 4.4 out of 10 women truck drivers feel safe on the road.

Whether it’s a lack of privacy, spending the night in the cab of the truck, or issues with male drivers not ready to change, female CDL find they are likely to take additional steps to be safe on their truck driving job.

Tips for Female Truck Drivers

First, there are studies showing that women truck drivers like to be more cautious while working for a company in the trucking industry.

Some point to the fact that women are choosing to report the incidents of sexism and harassment that they encounter at truck stops, on deliveries, and on the CB radio. These warnings make sure that other women know what to expect while driving.

Here are some of the best tips for new or experienced women truck drivers to consider when planning a career on the road.

Socal Truck Stop

Both men drivers and women drivers and truckers alike know that taking a good parking spot at a truck stop is critical. Some parts of the country are so busy that not getting a good spot may mean not getting a spot at all. Drivers who push to get as many hours as legally allowed find themselves in less than safe, even if stopping a little early cost a few miles each week.

One of the best spots for a female truck driver are more often found in the front or middle of the parking lot, especially when those spots are well lit. When possible, try to stop or park next to other trucks that haul for the same company. Therefore, female truck drivers should always avoid parking at the back and should be close to other drivers.

Having co-drivers nearby can make a huge difference in feeling comfortable during sleep time at a truck stop. You may also be able to park and sleep at terminal parking lot your turck company owns.

Female drivers should always walk with confidence when going into the truck service stop for food, showers, or to stretch your legs. People who look nervous or afraid can easily become targets and this can risk your safety.

One of the most popular tricks for sleeping while on the job is to use the seat belts to help keep the doors closed. You may run a seat belt through the door handle before fastening it. If someone tries to open your door, you get a few extra moments to react or call for help. Nothing will draw more attention than your truck’s horn blaring at 2:00 am.

Some women like to have a good pepper spray nearby just in case. If you want to carry something to help in your defense, make sure you are properly trained to use it. It’s also critical that you understand the laws in the places where you’ll likely drive so that you don’t create any violations during your defense.

 So Cal Truck Stop

Another often overlooked element on the safety and comfort of women driving trucks is how to stay comfortable while truck driving. Part of that includes having the right supplies available for your use.

Here are some things you may not think about needing, but can help keep your day productive:

  • Extra gallon jugs of water.  You need to stay hydrated.
  • Paper towels and moist towelettes. These come in handy for an express cleaning.
  • Flashlight. From looking around your cabin at night to checking something under the hood, extra light is always welcome to help you see.
  • Boots and rain gear. There are so many things that can happen while making a delivery, like a broken water main, puddles, storms, and so on. A good pair of boots is better in keeping you from slipping on slippery docks, etc.
  • Snacks. You will definitely run into delays, whether it’s being held uploading/unloading cargo or just traffic. You need a couple of healthy snacks that can keep you energized until you get to your next stopping point.

Peace of Mind

The final element that anyone in the trucking industry should count on to experience convenience while on the road is great commercial trucking insurance to ensure their rights reserved.

Even with their female truck drivers have proper training, take enough rest during their home time, or have attended safety program, CDL drivers need to feel secure.

You have to know that choosing the right insurance can make the transportation job and times on the road full of ease, safety, and confidence for your company.

We not only help new a truck company or truckers find great trucking insurance to get started, but we helped the seasons trucker keep costs down.

Get your free quote while receiving advice about ways you can stay safe on the road.

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