How Mobile Apps Help Drivers on the Roads

How Mobile Apps Help Drivers on the Roads

The arrival of the smartphone has altered the way we do business, engage with others, manage our time, and even our health. Today, more than 275 million people in the United States use these technological wonders.

Whether obtaining a truck insurance quote or finding the nearest parking spot, truckers are finding that smartphones and mobile applications are an integral part of their business.

Driving can be a long and tedious occupation. Technology that not only increases productivity but enhances connectivity and the quality of life is a welcome partner.

Now, with the growing number of applications specific to the trucking industry, truckers are even able to obtain information on weigh stations, truck stops, and the availability of showers.

If you’re a trucker who’s not yet connected, now’s the time to utilize mobile apps to help you while driving on the road.

Let’s take a look at how these mobile apps help a driver on the road.

How Truck Drivers Are Benefiting From Mobile Apps

There are enormous benefits that come from entering the 21st century and the mobile revolution using your Android or iOS phone application. Here are a few of our top picks.

Improving Driver Performance

Gone are the days of having to pull into a truck stop to use their fax to submit documents.  When Big Road surveyed drivers, they found that productivity increased by 20% among drivers that did not have to stop at truck stops when using electronic logs.

Several large trucking companies have gotten in on the act by creating company applications for their truckers. These smartphone apps allow a driver to view their assignments, check payments, access navigation systems, and watch instructional videos, to name a few of the many options.

Other smartphone users’ applications help with routing, driving assistant, directions, traffic news, and navigation apps as well as road safety concerns and notifying drivers about traffic conditions. Even commercial trucking insurance companies offer apps for checking policies and making payments.

Increasing Connectivity

Driving a truck can result in a lot of lonely miles. Mobile apps that help truckers stay connected help make the miles a little less long. While some truckers still communicate using citizens band (CB) radios, others have turned to truck apps on their Android or iOS smartphone to make phone calls.

Let’s take a look at a few of the phone apps designed just for truckers, and how they can help drivers increase productivity and stay connected.

Mobile Apps for Truckers

This segment of the mobile app industry seems to be growing every day as more technology companies understand the need for these apps in the trucking industry.

Here are just a few of the many mobile apps for Android and iOS phones and the purposes they serve that assist in reaching the driving destination.

Trucker Path

This popular application offers several convenient services that help truckers plan a trip. Drivers can find the nearest truck stop, gas stations, as well as parking availability.

The application also includes weighing stations and scales status, and the cheapest diesel fuel in the area.

Pilot Flying J & TruckSmart & Love’s Connect

Major truck stops have designed their own apps to make it easier for truck drivers to use their services. Pilot Flying J, TravelCenters of America, and Love’s are three of these.

Pilot Flying J offers its members the ability to redeem refueling points to obtain free daily shower rewards. It also notifies drivers of the number of available showers and parking spaces, which can then be reserved.

Love’s Connect enables users to search for fuel prices and rewards them with points after every refuel. You can also activate the gas pump from your smartphone and reserve a shower.

TruckSmart displays all TA and Petro locations and lists amenities and services at each, including parking availability.

Google Maps

While Google Maps is not exclusive to the trucking industry, this navigation app is a favorite among truckers. The voice assistance feature is an important component among users that have to keep their eyes on the road and keep their hands free from the cell phone and on the steering wheel.

The smartphone app also offers a satellite view that enables a driver to check for parking space and 360-degree panoramic views of streets. Real-time traffic conditions and information on local businesses are additional handy features.

Weigh My Truck

This app by CAT Scale allows truckers to weigh their trucks and then make their payment via a smartphone.  The weigh ticket is sent to the driver via email.

DOT 511

This phone application provides real-time traffic information including traffic situation, construction sites, road hazards, directions, lane closures, traffic accidents, and upcoming travel speeds. Every state has its own DOT 511 app.


This mobile phone app saves drivers time and provides a convenient way to manage their work. One of the highly regarded characteristics is the ability to scan, send, and receive paperwork right from a mobile phone device.

Additional features include finding trailer locations, accepting or declining loads, and the ability to chat with a dispatcher or carrier.

If the T-Series ELD device is installed on the truck, the app can track the location and record when the truck is moving, keeping track of the hours of service.


A significant amount of a trucker’s time is taken up at weigh stations and inspection sites. The Drivewyze PreClear Trucker App helps drivers bypass weigh stations, legally.

The app sends you a signal when you’re close to one of its 700 sites in their preclearance network. It also integrates with the in-cab transponder bypass system.


This real-time weather mobile device app delivers a hyper-local forecast with push notifications and high-definition animated live radar.

Their precise weather forecast can notify truckers in advance of upcoming weather-related events that include wind speed, intensity, and duration.

Rolling Strong

This fitness app designed just for truckers creates a workout plan and a diet to fit the user’s fitness goals. It also reminds you to drink water and monitors your sleeping patterns to live healthier lives.

FleetSafer Mobile

This important safety app lets you drive without distractions. Its do not disturb mode turns off text messages and email notifications, keeping driver distraction to a minimum.

It also allows you to respond with an I’m driving message so that those trying to contact you will know why you’re not answering.

These apps are compatible with Android and iPhones and can make a significant difference in the quality of life on the road.

Choose the Right Commercial Trucking Insurance

Ensuring you have the necessary insurance to protect your investment and as required by federal regulations also helps ensure peace of mind.

Discover how prepared you are for Truck Roadcheck 2023! Dive into our latest blog post and see how mobile apps can make the difference. Stay safe and informed on the roads.

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