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Maximizing Savings: How To Bundle Cargo Insurance With Other Policies

Key Takeaways Bundling cargo insurance with policies like commercial auto and general liability can save a lot. You get discounts on premiums. Managing multiple insurance policies through one provider makes administration easier. It streamlines handling…
commercial insurance for trucking companies in California

The Importance of Risk Management in Securing Cheap Cargo Insurance

Key Takeaways Implementing strong risk management can greatly lower the risk of cargo shipments. This, in turn, reduces insurance premiums. Good packaging and secure loading are crucial. They minimize the risk of damage and loss…
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Saving Money On Cargo Insurance Premiums: Insider Tips From Industry Experts

Key Takeaways Getting quotes from various insurers can help find the best rates. Do this regularly. Choosing higher deductibles can greatly lower monthly premiums. But, it raises out-of-pocket costs for claims. Improving safety measures. Training…