Common Truck Maintenance Problems During the Summer

Common Truck Maintenance Problems During the Summer

Summer days come with higher temperatures and more sunlight hours. For truckers, it also means a new set of potential truck issues. Reliable commercial truck insurance California ensures that you’re prepared for any potential truck issues, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

The hot weather can be hard on trucks, so it’s especially important to perform regular maintenance when the temperature soars.

Here are some of the most common issues affecting trucks in the summer.

1. Semi Truck Overheating

Engines generate a lot of heat year-round. During summer, the ambient temperature can cause them to overheat, with nowhere to let off the extra heat so they can cool down.

Avoid engine problems by checking for leaks and adjusting your coolant levels before a long trip. It’s also important to check your motor oil levels, because this fluid removes heat from the engine, reduces friction, and lubricates the metal.

At worst, overheating can ruin an engine and force you to get a replacement. If your truck is overheating, make sure to pull over as soon as possible.

2. Fluid Leaks

Vehicle fluids are a necessary part of a truck’s system, and there can be serious problems if they’re not circulating properly.

Intense heat can affect the fluid levels in your truck by causing them to partially evaporate. This affects everything from transmission fluid to gasoline, so keep this in mind.

The fluids in your car help regulate temperature, and summer can affect their levels, so check them more often during the summer.

3. Tire Blowouts

The temperature outside can have a real impact on the air pressure in tires. Hot weather is actually worse for tires than cool weather, because it increases pressure and puts more strain on them.

Unusual behavior like excessive braking and driving at high speeds increases the friction and heats up the tires even further.

There’s no way to control the weather or how hot the road gets, but you can avoid dangerous blowouts by checking your tires frequently. Underinflated tires heat up more quickly than others, so keep yours at the optimum inflation level to stay safe when driving in the heat.

4. Air Conditioning Issues

A broken air conditioner might not be a big deal in winter or even spring, but in summer it can seriously impact a driver’s comfort.

At the start of summer, try performing a check on the air conditioning system so you’ll be ready when the season hits its peak.

Check the refrigerant and freon levels so you can be sure the truck will generate cool air when you need it most. The fans and filters may also need cleaning or replacement. 

5. Common Truck Problems

If you live in a hot, sunny climate, you’ve probably gone through several sets of windshield wipers. They tend to dry out in the sun.

They may crack and disintegrate, and end up making a scraping sound when they’re in use. They can even melt and get stuck to your windshield.

To keep them in better condition, use your windshield wiper fluid and put them to use every now and then. You can also remember to change your wipers on a regular basis, so they don’t fail you in a rainy situation when they suddenly become important.

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