Commercial Truck Insurance: Big Rig Insurance 101

Commercial Truck Insurance: Big Rig Insurance 101

Commercial trucks are the most common vehicles for delivering raw materials, finished commodities, and even rubbish on the road. As the business has grown, so has the anxiety about the trucks being damaged. As a result, commercial truck firms and single-person contractors are required to acquire commercial truck insurance or big rig insurance for their trucks.

The trucking industry is not new, and there are significant companies that operate large fleets.

Commercial trucks are larger, but they are also more subject to accidents and damage.

Every year, there are numerous instances of truck collisions and accidents on highways and roads.

Types of Commercial or Big Rig Insurance Coverage

Big rig insurance gives truck drivers and businesses peace of mind by ensuring that they are covered in the event of a loss or damage.

Trucks are not inexpensive vehicles, and some specialty trucks can be rather costly. As a result, it should come as no surprise that even minor mishaps can result in significant financial losses for the owner.

Before choosing the right insurance policy, conduct thorough research, and here is a list of commercial truck insurance or big rig insurance types to assist drivers and trucking companies in doing so.

Primary Liability Coverage

Under primary liability coverage, all damages and physical injuries sustained in a specific accident are covered. This coverage is the most basic type of coverage available in the commercial truck insurance market, and it is legally required for all truck drivers.

Furthermore, if the insurance holder’s truck causes damage to other vehicles or people, main liability insurance covers the price of these damages as well.

General Liability Coverage

Commercial trucking firms get general liability insurance to protect their personnel and trucks by offering third-party coverage. This insurance coverage is a broader variety of primary liability insurance, and it is a company-oriented policy rather than a policy for individuals.

Physical Damage Coverage

When an owner’s truck damages one’s own property, physical damage coverage is required. It also provides protection against theft, fires, and vandalism. This policy covers all damages to the truck, including dents, scratches, and collision marks.

Bobtail Liability Coverage

Independent drivers may be insured by Bobtail liability insurance if they are not covered by the trucking company’s primary liability insurance. It can save truck drivers a small amount of money because they do not have to buy the entire insurance.

Rig Insurance for your Truck Business

The cost of big rig insurance varies for each trucker and is determined by factors such as the trucker’s location and driving experience. Determine the coverages you require and then put their average rates together to establish your big rig insurance prices.

An owner-operator should anticipate paying between $7,000 and $16,000 per year for a big rig policy that includes motor liability, physical damage, and cargo insurance. That’s a significant range. As a result, it makes sense to shop around for the greatest price.

Big Rig Insurance Coverage Average Cost
General Liability Insurance $200 to $600
Primary Liability Insurance $4,000 to $5,0000
Physical Damage Insurance $2,000 to $3,000
Other Endorsements These may vary

Big Rig Insurance Cost for New Authorities

The data above are typical of truckers who are leased to a motor carrier. However, prices are a tad higher for new authority. For the first year, authorities should expect to pay between $12,000 and $16,000 in big rig insurance premiums.

In succeeding years, that price should reduce to between $9,000 and $12,000, or even lower depending on your circumstances.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Big Rig Insurance

To assess a prospective client’s risk, a big rig insurance company employs lengthy and complex factors, these factors include:

  • Your truck’s market value
  • Your driver’s driving record
  • Your driver’s experience
  • Your location
  • Your radius of operation
  • Your driver’s age
  • Your equipment
  • Your credit history

Therefore, a younger driver operating an expensive rig through urban regions should expect to spend more than an experienced driver operating in a small rural area.

Can You Lower Your Big Rig Insurance Cost?

Yes, there are ways you can lower your big rig insurance cost by doing the things below

Pay in Yearly Installments

When compared to truckers who pay in monthly payments, truckers who pay their entire big rig insurance price at the start of the year save about 25%.

Request for a Higher Deductible

After an accident, your deductible is the amount you must pay. You’ll be required to pay more in the event of an accident if you choose a higher deductible, but your annual premium will be reduced by a little amount.

Ask for Discounts

Big rig insurance companies provide discounts on a variety of items. To mention a few, there are veteran discounts, safe-driver discounts, and bundled coverage discounts Check with your agent to discover what you are eligible for.

Ask for a Lower Limit

Your limit is the most the insurance company will payout in the event of an accident. A lesser limit will not protect you from major disasters, but it will save you money on insurance premiums.

Make sure you adhere to your state’s minimal limit requirements as well as what is reasonable for your organization.

Shop Around

Each insurance company sets its own rates and calculates risk in a unique way. You boost your chances of finding the greatest rate by contacting different insurance firms.

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The appropriate level of big rig insurance in California for you is determined by your position and business. Combining several types of insurance is the most effective approach to reducing company risks and protecting yourself financially in the event of a disaster.

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