8 Items a Trucker Should Always Have In Their Dash

8 Items a Trucker Should Always Have In Their Dash

Truck drivers spend long hours on the road, therefore, getting insurance for commercial truck is essential.

In addition, they need to prepare for whatever may happen and that includes keeping themselves awake, fed, hydrated, as well as ready for their job, the weather, and possible emergencies.

If you’re a truck driver packing for your next trip, don’t forget to load your dash with these items.

  • Emergency Supplies

When going on any drive, always make sure you have emergency supplies in your dashboard. Whether your truck breaks down or you encounter an accident, having a flashlight, extra batteries, and a toolbox complete with a screwdriver, crowbar, claw hammer, tape measure, vice grips, utility knife, torque wrenches, pliers, wire cutters, a crescent wrench and so on is always handy.

  • Food & Water

Truck drivers go on long trips at a time. You are certain to get thirsty and hungry during the drive. Having food and water where you can easily reach them is going to be very helpful during your stops.

Don’t try to drive on an empty stomach. Hunger can cause nausea and may affect your attention and driving. Also, stock healthy food and water and avoid high fat and high sugar food and drinks as these may make you feel groggy or drowsy and may cause an accident.

  • Cleaning Supplies

Even before the pandemic, it’s important to maintain the cleanliness of your truck. But now more than ever, with COVID-19, cleanliness is of absolute importance.

That’s why you should always have your dashboard loaded with some alcohol, disposable wipes or tissues, and some rug and cleaning solution.

  • Navigation Tools

Even the most seasoned truck drivers can have difficulty with directions, especially when driving to new places.

Having a GPS or even a map in your dashboard is going to prepare you for those moments when you need help locating places you’ve never been to before or help you find your way back when you’ve made a wrong turn or an unforeseen stop.

  • Office Supplies

As a truck driver, you will be asked to sign forms and you’ll need to secure items that you’re transporting. Hence it’s good foresight to bring office supplies like a pen or pencil, paper, and ropes, packaging tape, and a stapler with you.

  • First Aid

Anything can happen on the road. You may have a headache, diarrhea, or you may get cut from handling freight or tools.

Bring first aid supplies with you and place them in your dashboard. Some over-the-counter medicine, disinfectant, and band-aids may also come in handy.

  • Sun Protection

Being on the road all the time exposes you to a lot of sun. Too much exposure will damage your skin and eyesight. Not to mention, too much glare against the water or white surfaces can be a road hazard.

That’s why you must bring clothing to protect your skin, sunscreen for your skin, and sunglasses for your eyes.

  • Documents

When operating a commercial truck, always bring with you the necessary documentation. Whether you’re passing through checkpoints or you’re stopped by an officer, having all your documents easily reachable in your dashboard is a must.

Having the right items in your dash is a great start, but there’s more to thriving as a commercial truck driver. Discover 10 survival tips for life on the road to complement your well-prepared dashboard in our enlightening guide.

Insurance for Truck Drivers

Even the most defensive and well-prepared drivers can’t be ready for everything on the road. Don’t be caught off guard and prepare for possible accidents by getting insurance for commercial trucks.

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